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Close and Convenient

On the east coast of Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, our location is less than five minutes away from the Hollis ferry and float plane docks makes going to or from your reservation with us a breeze. Let us know in advance if you need a ride from the ferry, and we'll pick you up!

The advantage of our location is especially useful to the local population who often travel a long way in all different weather to get to the ferry. It's more convenient to make the trip the night before and have a less hectic (and not so early) morning. 

A rural setting is peaceful and secluded, but doesn't offer much in the way of convenience services. There are no restaurants, gas stations, or even convenience stores closer than 30 miles from Hollis, so come prepared. However, we have thrown a couple frozen dinners in the freezer just in case! We also have a small toiletry package available for sale if you left a necessity behind.





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